Best mini electric skateboard – Atom B10 Electric Skateboard

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Best mini electric skateboard – Atom B10 Electric Skateboard


Today we are going to talk about the Atom B10 Electric Skateboard as it is one of the best mini electric skateboard under £500! For instance, we are going to be talking about the ride quality, build quality, and the problems with this electric skateboard.

The Atom B10 Electric Skateboard has black grip tape with a black and brown maple finish that will catch your eye as this ascetically looks more like a traditional type of skateboard. They are incredibly popular with in the US market and we can understand why if maybe the best mini electric skateboard. What you get is a budget electric skateboard that feels like a cruiser traditional skateboard. The price point is fantastic! The retail price of the scooter is $499 Amazon UK. Details of this will be at the end of this article in a link below.

In the box

Inside the Atom B10 Electric Skateboard box there is a fully assembled board. Secondly it comes with skate tool, remote control charger, and USB charger cord.   


This board resembles a design that skaters will like.  Firstly, its build quality resembles a standard cruiser board with a kick a tail. Secondly, the board is a maple deck. Long board skaters will notice that the board has no flex at all. Longboarde skaters who like comfort will definitely feel the rough surface with this board.

It is a very light in wiegh for an electric skateboard for instance, the weight of the board is 5kg.  This is an extremely light for an electric skateboard. The board is made from a solid maple deck.  It is 29.5 inches in length and is 9.1 inches in width.  The max load is 91kg therefore, I would not recommend someone who is heavier than this weight to ride this board.  Atom Electric B10 Skateboard has a very unusual handle cut out at the top nose of the board. The handle cut out makes this board very unique.

This Atom B10 Electric Skateboard has a single belt drive motor at the rear.  A single belt motor is great for instance, if you would like to change the wheels.  A skater would like this idea.  I would recommend changing the bearings of this board as this will increase the performance by a fair deal. 

The braking system is very smooth.  It is a regenerative single belt drive braking system.  Dual belt boards seem to brake better compared to a single belt drive system. 

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It has a maximum power rating motor with a single belt drive system of 1000watts which gives it a top speed of 25km/h (16mph ). However, we got about 15mph while testing the board.  The motor type is brushless direct current that gives you a quieter ride, with more torque to weight ratio.  This means the motor will get you up to speed in no time.  It has plenty of torque because of the single belt drive motor. This means It can handle hills at ease.  You will notice some resistance with the skateboard if you try to push skate the board this is because of the belt drive system. 

The board is advertised to go 16 mph, however, I got less than that while I was testing it.    We managed to get a top speed of 15 mph which is great for a small scale board this size.  I wouldn’t want a board this size to go any faster as this would be very dangerous and you may get speed wobbles while riding the board.


The battery is a Samsung 10s and produces a maximum voltage of 36 volts. On paper its says that you can get a range of 7 miles although I think we got a little less than that while testing the product. It takes 2 hours to charge the board itself. The battery is on the bottom of the board. The batteries are lithium and it takes about an hour a half to full charge it. One thing that is really interesting is where the battery is located on the board there are some LED lights that can change colour via a button on the board. This looks very kool during the night.


The electric skateboard has wheels that are made out of a super high rebound PU that makes them one of the most durable wheels out on the market.  The size of the wheel is 80mm each and it’s soft compound gives a smooth ride.  The wheel type is 78A grade which is a soft compound.  This is great if you are riding on rough surfaces although I would not recommend riding this board on really rough terrain. 

Remote Control

This board comes with a ergonomic remote control that has a secure 2.5ghz of wireless technology that controls the speed and electronics of the board.

It has an ergonomic design which makes this very comfortable in your hand. 

It has led lights to indicate battery life and which speed mode you are on.  The throttle is on top of the remote and is easy to use.    

The remote control comes with 2 speed modes low & high speed.  Low speed is more for beginners and is not very fast.

How does the board ride?

Riding this board is a lot of fun!  It is a smaller board with a kick tail which is great if you need to do sharp turns or to olie up curbs.  The kick tail is a decent size.  If you are traditional skateboarder you will like this idea.

This little motor is great! The single belt drive motor has some torque to it which I find is great for instance when the board is riding uphills however, make sure that you come into a hill at a decent speed.  This board doesn’t have the same amount of power that you would get with a boosted board however it does have enough power to skate around casually. 

I find this board is perfect for university students as it is very light and small for an electric skateboard.  This means portability while you are on campus. 

The braking system is not great as it takes 12 metres to stop the board.  Make sure you practice foot braking technique to stop the board in case of an emergency situation.  The braking the system is smooth though. I just wish there was little more resistance when the board comes to a complete stop.   

The board itself has some decent midrange torque while riding.  I was actually surprised on how much torque this board has as it only has 1 belt drive motor. 

The battery comes with a level indicator which tells you when it needs to be charged. 

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The board feels like a traditional skateboard which is something we really like.  I like that the board has a kick tail as I find this is important if you skate in an urban environment.  Turning is easy with this board because of the kick tail. 

We like that the board is very light for an electric skateboard.  This is perfect for doing small errands or for riding around campus to get to class. 

You can change the wheels of this board.  This is due to being a belt drive motor.  I really like how this board feels in terms of riding as it feels more like a traditional skateboard. 


This board could do better in terms of range for instance, as we find 7 miles is not enough for someone who would like to commute with the board.  I wouldn’t recommend this board for commuting if this is the case. 

The boards braking system should be addressed as 12 metres to stop can be dangerous. 

There are a few things that I would like a on a board like this. For instance, I would like an additional belt-drive motor on this board to improve acceleration torque. The single belt drive motor doesn’t handle hill climbs that well compared to a dual belt drive motor unfortunately. 

The remote control is more of your traditional electric skateboard remote.  I would prefer that they changed the design a bit.  I would like a led display to measure the speed and possibly a light on the remote as well. 


This board is a lot of fun to ride at the beach!  Firstly, the board has a great little motor. Secondly the board has a unique vintage look.

This board has a lot to offer for the price you pay for it.  It is not a bad investment considering many boards are more expensive.

I wouldn’t recommend this board for commuting or getting a top speed but if you like a board that is fun to ride at the beach then this board is not bad considering what you pay for it.   

The board is a great board if you are a beginner; however there are other boards out there that may be better in terms of braking.  I would not sacrifice on this but if you know how to foot braking on a normal skateboard then this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. This board could be one of the best mini electric skateboards out there! Please click below you would like to purchase off Amazon!

Happy riding!   

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