Teamgee h5 37 electric skateboard

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Teamgee h5 37 electric skateboard


We are going to conduct a Teamgee H5 37 Electric Skateboard review as it is one of the bestselling electric skateboards out on the market. Today we are going to be talking about the ride quality, build quality, and the problems with this electric skateboard. On paper the Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard is very similar to the TeamGee H9.

The TeamGee H5 37 electric skateboard is the world’s thinnest electric skateboard. The board is sleek in design and is very light! This board is a budget board and you can get it from Amazon for £419 which is a fantastic price for an electric skateboard.

The outside of the board looks like a standard longboard because there is no battery pack that can be seen on the board itself. The board is 12mm thick and is 8cm off the ground. The board is about 15-20mm lower to the ground than most electric skateboards. This amazing board is one of the world’s thinnest boards! The battery pack is flexible and built inside the deck itself. This makes the electric skateboard very unique. High battery power frees you from worrying about charging issues during riding. Being small in size and light in weight, the batteries hide in the deck and make the board more portable for commuting.

The concave deck is fantastic as it gives you more control of the board while carving and turning.

Electric skateboards prior to this design seemed to be big and clunky and the weight of the boards was very heavy but this board is 6.8 kilos in weight and this to me is very light. It seems like this electric skateboard is a board that everybody wants to use.

The sleek Teamgee H5.

What is in the box

In the box you will receive 37inch drop through deck. It comes with charger, skate tool & allen key. It also comes with a rear red tail light, and remote controller to control the board. There is a USB cable to charge the remote control and charge the rear tail light.


Made from 10 layers of Canadian maple it has 1 layer of fibre class. The board is 18mm in width which enclosures the batteries inside the deck.  This board is light and is flexible, which is perfect if you would like a comfortable ride. 

The board has ultra-thin polymer lithium batteries. It has got a 3.5amp per hour battery and the charge time of the board itself can be charged within 2 to 3 hours. This gives you 2 to 3 hours of riding time with the board.

It has 380watts brushless hub motors that can reach whopping top speed of 22mph. The wheels are 3.5inches in diameter and 90 mm which means the board can handle rough surfaces.  The wheels can be replaced when they are worned out.  This is a perfect solution if you use the skateboard for commuting on a daily basis. 

You can control the board’s functions via the included remote control.  It has a control wheel to control the speed and also the braking.  On the side of the skateboard remote you can toggle between high and low gear. 

Image result for The new TeamGee H5 Remote

The Remote

The remote control has a very unique design and it looks awesome when you first look at it. It has a hard black matt finish intuitive design and it seems like it is contoured for your hand. It has an LCD screen which tells you the battery life of the remote. The rider can also check the battery life on the skateboard itself. It can tell you how fast you are going in KMH or MPH. It also has an odometer to check how many miles you have done in 1 day.

The remote has a USB port underneath. With the remote, you can get about 3 or 4 rides out of it before it has to be charged. The remote is very impressive compared to other remotes we have used prior. One thing that is really good is the remote has an LED light for night riding. I wish more companies would have this in mind when producing an electric skateboard product. I wish the light was a little brighter but you can’t have everything with a budget board.

The throttle can be controlled form the scroll wheel on the remote and it simple. Move forward to accelerate and move back to brake or to place it in reverse.

The high and low speed is adjusted on the side of the remote. The remote has a strap so you can strap it to your wrist.

You can also adjust the braking level of the board which is a great feature!

The H5 remote is simple and easy to use.

How does the board ride?

This board is simple to use and it is easy to control. It is not the fastest board out there and the range is not the greatest. What a fun board to ride though! It doesn’t have a fast acceleration speed but that will give you a better battery range. The board itself seemed to turn nicely and it is able to handle rough surfaces nicely. It doesn’t have as much flex in the board compared to a standard electric longboard. This is due to the battery being inside the deck itself. I would not recommend jumping on the deck. It is not going to be as strong as a standard longboard bamboo deck.

One of the things I love about this board is that it has a low centre of gravity. This makes it easier to control the board itself.

The good thing about the board is that it has hub motors. The board can be ridden without it switched on. I find this very handy if you run out of battery and need to push the board to your destination. Old belt-drive motors do not allow you to push the board. I do wish this board was a direct drive as opposed to a hub drive. It will give it more power and give a rider an option to exchange the wheels with standard longboard wheels. Sadly this is not the case.

The brakes of this board seem to be very abrupt! It can take some time to get used to in the beginning. This can be a bit of a shock if you are not an experienced rider. You can easily fall off if you are not careful. It is nice to have responsive brakes for emergencies. The brake settings can be changed which is an additional plus so make sure you check out those settings before you start riding it.

The H5 is fast enough for most people.

It does feel like a regular longboard with a motor in it. I wish the board itself had a bit more of a concave. This will give the deck a better feel.

The board has a range of about 9 miles and I feel this board is not sufficient for commuting with. What I do like about the board though is that it is thin, light and powerful. It is a great electric skateboard for first-time electric skateboard buyers.

The board itself comes with cruise control which is very handy while riding in the city. To engage the cruise control you will have to push the throttle up twice. This locks the speed. To turn off the cruise control you need to simply touch the throttle and it turns off. I have not experienced any ESC issues with this board which is fantastic! I would recommend getting replacement wheels as the wheels wear out pretty quickly

The recommended load for this board is 90kilos so I would not recommend going over this limit. If you are bigger in weight the board could potentially crack in the middle.


I would recommend this board for short distance city riding and also if you are not big in weight. It is a great board to have for your first electric skateboard as the price is not very expensive. I would not recommend this board if you are heavy as this can cause some issues to the board itself.

The braking I felt was very abrupt! I feel if you are not an experience electric skateboard rider this could possibly get you into some trouble. Having said that this board is a lot of fun to ride! I like the lightweight design of this board and everything is nice and compact.

If the battery dies you can always ride the old fashion way.

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