Shredlights SL200 Review

The last mile vehicle for the future!

Shredlights SL200 Review


Riding an electric skateboard during the day is fun but during the night is a completely different experience. It is like snowboarding in a way as you can feel fresh air on your face but also anticipating the ground below. I got to admit that the lights look really kool when they are on. It is a fun way to travel on an Eboard

SL-200 Shredlights

Shredlights are one of the leading lights for electric skateboard, scooter, or bicycle. I found the SL200 extremely bright and perfect for an electric skateboarder. You can get a pair for the front and a pair of red ones for the rear. Each Shredlight comes with mounts so they can either be placed on the skateboard trucks, helmet, or scooter handlebar. They also have a mount so they can be placed on your backpack. They take about 3 hours to charge and have 5 operational light modes so you can either have the lights flash at different speeds or you can have them on solid.

What is in the box? 

It all dependant on the type of package you decide to get as each package has different types of mounting options and quantity of lights.  I got the 2 pack option which cost me $49,99 and this gave me 2 lights & 2 mounts plus the split USB charging cables.  We have outlined some of the options below.

Single Light$29.99(1) Light (White or Red)
Two Pack$49.99(2) Lights
(1) Dual Micro USB Charging Cables
(1) Pair Standard Skateboard Mounts
Combo Pack$99.99(2) White Lights
(2) Red Lights
(2) Dual Micro USB Charging Cables
(2) Pairs of mounts of your choice
Night Ops Pack$149.99(3) White Lights
(3) Red Lights
(3) Dual Micro USB Charging Cables
(2) Curved Sticky Mounts with Dual Lock velcro
(1) Action Clip
(1) Pair Standard Mounts
(1) Pair Extended Mounts
(1) Pair Angled Mounts
(1) Pair Flat Mounts


Shredlights are one of the only electric skateboard light packages out on the market. There are others but they are nowhere near the build quality of these lights. The original Shredlights had key issues that needed to be addressed. The mounting system was horrible and it had a lack of water resistance and the battery power was not efficient. The SL-200 package addressed all these issues. They have a much higher battery capacity. The water resistance had improved as I have ridden an electric skateboard in the pouring rain and had no problems. The mounting system “S-lock” is and reliable and could be matched with any mounting bracket that is provided in the package. They can be removed for a quick charge. The brightness of these lights is excellent.


The issue with the Shredlights still is the battery life. I still have to charge them at least once every 5 days after use. The mounting system is sometimes flawed as the light sometimes pops out while riding but I was riding on rough terrain at the time. It is great to have a light on your helmet as well as you can see further in front of you. I wish that the lights on the board itself can see far into the distance but I can only get about 10 to 15 metres in front with the 2 lights on the skateboard. I find the lights on the board mount are more for safety than actually been able to see in front at a great distance. They are to let vehicles know that you’re on a skateboard. I believe the SL1000 models have addressed these issues though and you can see far into the distance with lights mounted on the board.

Mounting System

The mounting system has been redesigned completely compared to the original Shredlight system. My light did fall off while I was riding really rough terrain but this has only happened twice since I have had the lights. The lights are solid as the casing does not tear anymore. It is a slide on and spring-loaded click in. The mounting plates are thicker and made from steel. The different mounting configurations are amazing. Shredlights took the time and effort to come up with different mounting styles dependant on the type of skateboard you have. You have flat mounts, vertical mounts, and diagonal mounts.

Shredlights have also gotten into mounting on other objects and surfaces. The Night Ops pack include different mounting plate and clip configurations that stick to different surfaces. Shredlights have decided to use GoPro style pivots. This means you can buy any accessory that’s got a GoPro pivot system on it and it’ll fit right away. It seems like they trying to cater to everyones needs which I think it is a great decision on their behalf.

Service & Warranty

On the website it says that all ShredLights SL-200 lights have a 90-day limited warranty that covers any manufacturing defects, tears in the rubber casing or O-ring, and damage to the S-LOCK attachment mechanism.

I had one of my lights automatically switch on and off without me turning them on. This was happening while I was riding the board. I contacted Shredlights and they replaced the light straight away and didn’t even ask for the one I had to be returned. They promptly sent me a new one with a week


If you want a light that makes you look Kool while riding E-board then this is the light for you. Others can see you very clearly while riding especially if the lights are flashing. If you choose to ride in the absolute darkness then I would recommend a Shrelight for your helmet and backpack or go buy the SL1000. The lights are bright, durable, and reliable but are very expensive for the price point. To get your 2 lights for the rear and back you have to pay $100 but at the moment there aren’t many lights out on the market that is dedicated to electric skateboarders. Other than that it is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to ride at night.

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Light it up yourself!